Monday, May 4, 2015

Dar Dex Review

 I've been combing through the new Eldar Codex and I have some comments on it. With all the hype out there about the book and how it's the end of the world I wanted through out some information I've gleamed. Let me just say this to open..... I love this book. That is not based on the power level of the book but the fact that they have addressed a lot of the issues about the book before. They've really made the book have a solid Eldar feel, they've addressed a lot of units that would never ever see the field. But sadly with the move of Distort Weapons to StrD it will now take units completely off the table due to TO's banning them. This might be short term as I would expect and/or hope newer books will have the added flair and power the Eldar Codex has. The book itself looking awesome with a ton of new artwork inside not to mention some of the imagery we've come to expect. There is a whole section of the book that shows the units and their color schemes.
To me that is awesome. I love seeing a well thought out book with a lot of useful images. It's nice to see them giving people some ideas to incorporate and some more iconology that we can mix into the models. That is GW's strongest aspect.. the story that has been built up.. they just need to be careful how much they modify it. When they expand on that information and add imagery it really gettings you into that zone.. well for me it does at least but I'm figuring most of you are there as well. That's why I still paint and play, I've been in that world for too long to let it go. I don't have the time to play anywhere as much as I use to so the painting is a larger part of the hobby now so having a cool looking and written codex makes me happy.

I was talking with some of my friends and we had always said that GW doesn't listen to their player base but now when I think back and they may actually listen too much. Or they they just change directions at random for no other reason I can think of other then just to do it.  Think about how this has gone, books were coming out and people start complaining about how OP they are and when I said complain I mean fill every forum out there with cries of I'll quit and this is so stupid!!! RAGE!!!! Then we start to see books that are so boringly bland that most people are then like WTF!? LAME!! To me it seems GW goes back and forth on how they should make books constantly and that throws off the internal balance constantly. If they want the books to have balance they need to pick a game plan and stick to it for the entire edition or at least till all of the codexes are complete. Have internal meetings to make sure they are all on the same page. People pick up their army of choice for a reason. They liked the fluff or the playstyle of an army and that leads a person to expect that army to stay true to that ideal. Giving units very cool special rules give you that feel. I picked up the Blood Angel Codex and I wasn't impressed with the feel of it. I want them to feel like they are portrayed, that's what makes you excited to play them. I've been playing 40K since 1990 and Eldar have always been my main. I know them quite well and so I have high expectations as to their design and play, when the book doesn't meet that expectation it is a let down. Power Level good or bad I want to see my Dar as they should be and a friend that plays Nids is always complaining about how far they have now diverged from their roots. With that being said he doesn't play anymore..  he still picks up the models and I think he is waiting. If GW brings back that feel he'd probably jump right back in.

Powerwise the old Eldar Dex (not really that old as it was only what 2 years old?) was a solid book but there were tons of units that were useless or overcosted which meant they were never used. Or used as one trick ponies such as Jetbikes grabbing late objectives but just sitting there most of the game hiding. This new book addresses a lot of those failings, there really isn't much in this book that feels like it's bad to me. If you want to make a fast mech army you can do that.. you can make a solid foot Dar list or you can even make a CC list that could actually be viable. I've been going over ideas for a new build and I've liked what I've seen. If it was just sit down and build up the list it would be great but when it's comes to tournaments it's going to be a tough one and that is already getting me frustrated. I really don't want to DL a cross reference sheet from every TO to learn how I can build my army (It's something they have to do so nothing against them.. it's just a pain). For NOVA this year I'm just avoiding anything that is or could be banned. I only have a few months and now I'll have to adjust my entire list and the models I'll need.

The main army special rules are pretty much the same as before. Battle Focus and Ancient Doom. But they've now added in the Craftworld Warhost Detachment army build style that gives you some very nice bonuses. One of these is always run 6" instead of D6 which when combined with Battle Focus is amazing. Knowing you will be able to run 6" it huge for Eldar as they rely on their mobility to survive. Knowing you will be able to shoot and then Battle Focus into a building or knowing that you need to be 5" closer to be fully effective when shooting  is no big deal. Each of the other formations have some very nice bonuses as well. I will most likely still be building my list normally maybe adding in some of the formations here and there but I'm still looking into them.

For this post I'll go into the HQ choices and address the others in a later post(s) as this one is already getting very long.

Eldar probably has the most HQ options in the game though most of them aren't ever used. Lets start with the non names HQs first. Actually I think I'll handle the Phoenix Lords with with their aspects as they are pretty tied together.

Farseer - The Default leader of pretty much most armies.
He is strong and now even stronger then before for same cost. Still a level 3 Psy pulling powers from Div, Fate, Telepathy and now Santic. So he has a wide range of options that are pretty much all good. He'll still be on a bike 90% of the time unless you are running foot dar, not a bad thing but it just doesn't have much variety. Wave Serpents got a nerf and with them not being able to cast in one makes the WS a pretty bad choice to be embarked on. Where the Farseer got a buff though is through his runes. Awesome in the 4th Ed Dex and then worthless in the last one they now re-roll once per Psy phase (not per game or even turn... phase) any dice however you choose for a Deny the Witch or Psy test. That is pretty huge, you ARE going to get off that one power you may really want. He's still rocking the Ghosthelm and wielding the Witch Blade or Spear if you bump it up.

Spiritseer -
Not too shabby if you are using Wraith units. He's still a Level 2 Psy but now he can take the same powers as a Farseer, Div, Fate, Telepathy and now Santic. Witchstaff and Spirtmark (which is now re-roll to hit on any units in 12", you don't have to choose) but no Ghosthelm or Runes so good to ride along with some Wraithguard/blades.

Warlock Council -
These guys are expensive. They will be very strong I suppose but you are looking at a very large cost for something that can be done by Jetbikers alone since you can now upgrade one of them to be a Lock. In addition to Runes of Battle they can also pull from Santic and have Brotherhood of Psy rule which can boost their Psy Level from 1 to 3. It's not a bad unit just more expensive then I would like.

Runes of Fate -
Are stronger then they were before losing Death Mission thankfully and keeping the staples.
Guide - Same
Doom - Same
Fortune - Same
Mind War - Same
Eldritch Storm - Now can be buffed up to a 4WC cast which takes it's size to Apoc Blast! That is one huge template.
Will of Asuryan - Give Fearless and Add Will so it's at least useful!

Runes of Battle -
Are the same

Autarch -
The same, Sadly this is one guy that hardly ever sees that table. The bonus reserve roll is nice but I don't know if it's worth the points. And his points can get high if you really kit him out!

I think that's going to be the it for this post. I need to wrap it up!..  I have picked up a bunch of bikes and have been cutting and filing them... sheesh... it's a bunch for so many bikes and I'm trying to make sure they are 100% flash free.