Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa's Elf...

 All the toyboxes are finished up and ready..  well they still need stain and clear but that will have to happen after Christmas. I am so happy to have these done haha...this was a lot of work and I wasn't sure it was going to get done when the family was pretty much down for the count sick for two weeks.
 My Son's has three sections of Star Wars.. Darth in silohette, Darth's Super Star Destroyer the Executor and his custom Tie Fighter .. so pretty much everything Vader 8) .. which he says is his favorite... he is learning well 8)

My Daughters is Frozen because pretty much every little girl is in love with it.

My Niece is a flower design that I figured would be lasting but I didn't glue the backs in so they can be replaced .. I'm already thinking of making a more detailed one for my son.

 An inside shot .. with bump stops so it doesn't slam and hopefully not smash any fingers.

 Rubber feet on the bottom so no damage or scratching..
And here is a bunch of pictures of the glue/clamping process. they didn't come in the width I needed so I had to glue all the boards together to get the width I wanted..  that took up a week of just prep work..

 But they came out decent .. some needed some sanding .. sadly I don't have a plainer 8( ..
I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with them and I hope the kids enjoy them..  now... I my room is empty and my major tasks are complete. I'll be able to paint some hobby stuff again .. 8) So posting should go back to the norm soon..

I hope everyone has a great Holiday! ..