Friday, December 12, 2014

Frozen Wars

 Tomorrow is my Daughters birthday and we are having her party at the house. It will be a Frozen Princess party.. I know you are excited but also jealous. haha.. I thought it would be cool to make the kids all some sort of ornament. Besides my Son there will be a few boys that will be coming along with there Sisters so I wanted to hook them up. I made all the boys a Star Wars Ornament with their names on it. But for my boy I made the Rebel and Imperial symbols.. I think they came out pretty cool..  I showed them first so people weren't like Frozen Ornaments ?! wtf.. haha
 But..  for the girls I made them all an Ornament with Elsa on it. I think they came out looking pretty cool. Jocelyn will also get an Anna .. it's her birthday and hey she's my kid 8) .. Every little girl seems to love Frozen and with it being a Frozen Princess Party I thought it made sense..
 I also made some snowflakes which I cut out of blue trans plexi and tonight I'll be handing them from the ceiling so when she comes down in the morning they'll all be hanging up.
This weekend I'm going to cut some more stuff for Christmas but I'm also going to cut the storage compartment that will go under the paint rack. Hopefully I'll have some pictures ready to show next week.