Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas time is quickly approaching ..

 Christmas is almost here and the end of my other tasks as well ..  This past month has been filled with Holiday events and sickness .. lots of sickness sadly but when all that wasn't happening I've also been working on the toy boxes for my kids and my niece. They are almost done. My Son's box is mostly done .. just have to mount the hinges. And the other two are now ready to mount the backs. I was hoping to stain them but with sickness eating up two weeks there's no way that will happen now. After Christmas I'll stain them up..
 The two were were gluing last night so today they will be ready to wrap up. I have over 20 clamps and I've used every single one on these haha... it's crazy. I still needed about 10 more ..
Thankfully I should be on schedule for completion! .. After Christmas is over I'll need a whole day to get my painting room back in order. That room has been jammed with decorations, presents and toy boxes.. I couldn't have painted even if I had the time.. So soon I should be back in the normal mix. 8)