Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Too Good for Your Home..

After Games Day it's back to house work..  I'm about to move all my DVD's into containers and store them .. along with a lot of other stuff in my painting room. I'm turning the breezeway in our house into a playroom for the kids and the Treadmill will now be in the painting room. I will also be losing the case that holds the DVDs which is home of a lot of my tanks ..  now I have to figure out what to do with them. I was looking at the Detolf from IKEA..   it looks decent and for only $65 isn't not bad price wise either.. I'd probably have to get two but I'm thinking that's were I'm going .. I've looked online and can't find anything decent for a good price. This week I'll be starting the packing up .. and cleaning.. my table is a shambles from trying to rush and finish up for Games Day haha ..

I'm also trying to figure out what I want to paint next..  it's nice not having something hanging over my head to get done haha ..  I might start on the BA Termies... with the way 6th is looking I'll be running them for sure .. but now that I'm thinking about it we have a Kill Team game coming up this Monday so I need to finish up the three containers I was working on .. containers containers everywhere..


  1. I bought the same cabinet for my models a couple years back. I like it but wish it had twice as many shelves. Since the models aren't that tall there's a lot of wasted space inside.

  2. That's funny I as thinking the same thing but I do have flyers .. with their base they are a bit tall. I also have some smaller glass shelves at least I think I still have some .. maybe I'll try to make a two layer thing .. I just didn't see anything else out there .. Maybe I'll look some more today and see if I can find something +1