Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Selection

Last night I made the final selection of what I'm taking to Chicago. Looks like it will be the DC Dread, Dusk Wolve Termie with Claws and the Pathfinder Diorama. Again I'm not planning on winning or even getting close I just want to put something in to say I did it and as long as they look good enough not to be laughed at I'll be pleased haha ..

I added a little more black blood on the staff on the Dreads base but that's really it for him..

The Termie is going as is .. I just touched up the wolf icon on his shoulder ..

And the Diorama is almost there. I need to mute some colors and blend a little more but taking a step back and looking at the pictures really does seem to help. I see three sections I need to fix now .. so I'll be doin that and one final once over on the gems and lens .. but over all pretty pleased .. I'm sure it will look sad next to some of the peoples crazy layouts there but I think it looks good enough. If other plans hadn't popped up it would be a little more .... more .. .. it would have much more muchness.. but it is what it is ...

I looked through the progress link on the right last night and it was fun to see it when I started and where it is now ..

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  1. It was cool to watch the project from start to finish. I think you got as much chance as anybody. Good luck!