Monday, July 9, 2012

OK.. who's cleaning this up?

I got some work done on the Diorama this weekend.. not as much as I'd like but the fence is now one day from being done. Pretty much just need to get the gates in. Anyway .. I got the debris started .. it all at least has a base color and some has a bit of detail. I also picked up some of the GW Water Effects over the weekend and started playing with that.
Sadly one of the hobby stores I usually go to only had the Vallejo effects in blues..  and I want mine to be black. I'm mixing black ink in to make it but didn't want an odd color. So I had to spend twice as much for half the amount.. whoot ! .. but at least it seems to work well.

I applied a quick test in the top of a Gatoraid cap. I'll probably mix in some browns to make it look like a bit of old oil and what not. Going to make a few tests to see what works best and what I'm liking the most. I also plan to make a little how to for it as I figured some people may like to see it .. The water effects will go in last so I need to get cracking on getting the painting done.

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