Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Super Busy Weekend..

But thankfully I did get some table time in. I was pretty surprised that I got to squeeze in some painting but with it being a long weekend I got some in there.

I didn't think I'd have too long so I started out just painting a ML Marine. The ML Tac always seems to pay dividends for me, he seems to hate Orks the most. In one game he pop'd a Truck, a Deff Dread and numerous other dudes so I figured he deserved to get painted. Still pretty rough, no details in there yet ..

Then I was thinking about the DC Dread a little more and got to work on his replacement leg cables and a few other base accessories. I added a little more stone grit to the base, added in a few skulls and a shattered Chaos Sorcerer staff.

While I was working on the Dreads cables I also finished up the Libs. Getting the GWire to form and glue was a pain but with some GS help I got them down. I need to clean up the GS belt a bit and he should be ready to go.

And the finally go my Revenant completely flash clear. Now to start the pin fest 8\ ..

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