Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bike Done ..

It look longer to get this update going then I would have liked. May has been a super busy month. But I got the biker and the kneeling stern completed. I ended up going with a different decal for the rear and didn't go with the wings on the fender. I was worried it would make it look a bit too overdone for lack of a better word. I was also thinking of putting some soot on the pipes..  I'm still debating on that.

The Stern guard guy came out pretty good but then I go to clear him and get something in his shoulder. I was trying out clearing with the airbrush which worked ok but if you let it set for even a little time it can gum up the brush. But anyway, I tried to get the particle out of his shoulder and it marred the clear 8( ..  so now he has some battle damage haha..  I painted some bolt gun on it, would be tough to get the color right as it's blended right there. oh well.. it is what it is.

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