Monday, November 9, 2015

Walking the long path..

 This weekend I got a little time in to play around with the new bashed up ideas for my Dusk Wolves. I liked the way my Wolves were looking but I wanted to up the game a bit. I went really grimy with them and that looked cool (to me at least) but I thought the paint should show wear as well .. I didn't do any chipping or anything. So now I'm going to add that in there.
 Since cermite doesn't rust I figured it would chip to what is below. I'm in debate on how I want to handle the base color. My Dusk Wolves are suppose to be what's left of the loyal legionaries from the traitor Legions. So the armor they have will either be from their old legions repainted or bits and pieces they have picked up. That in theory could look cool but it might really through off the look if the chips are random colors. I'll play around with this to see what I really like..
 So far it's been the base layer blend .. the white top coat chipped. The only other addition is the red right arm. I did all the chipping then moved on to some grim.
 This is the light grim and I'll be adding in some heavy grim after I actually get some other colors on there. I wanted to get a rough idea of what it looked like before I started getting deep into the grim process. So far I think it's looking pretty cool though 8)
The sad part about going farther is that they will now all stand out from the rest of their brothers haha.. but the nice part is they will look better. If I would only paint a scheme and keep it so I don't have to repaint a ton of old dudes 8)

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