Monday, March 2, 2015

To the meat of it..

 The past week was a rough one but I did get some time to actually get some stuff done. I wanted to actually make some progress so I just picked up the Wave Serpent to try and knock out a good bit. I got a good ways into it now and now I really need to go into the detailing of the details. I'm a little sad about the tail section, The surfacer I used shrank a bit and broke up some of the smoothness of the blend so that kinda burns me a bit. I'm not going back now though so moving forward.
 I glued the fins on and glued the turret together (the guns and guards are magnetized) so it's getting more solid. I haven't glued the body together yet as I have to attach the interior magnet for the front turret. Right now that's just sitting on the desk. I'm going to add a bit more detailing so some of the metal areas and need to get busy on the gems. I added some black and bone around the front vents but I think I'm going to paint bone over the black areas to make them stand out a bit more and add some more of the bone into the color scheme. The lines are pretty much all done and I think they teal blends in the lines make them look more realistic instead of just going full on white.

I was planning on repainting the older tanks but now I'm not sure. I might just buy new and start from scratch. I think taping them while whole will be a huge pain in the butt and I'll need them open to use the new magnetizing base process. Who knows..  just thinking about it now. Nova also said they are going to allow Forgeworld models in the GT so now I'm in deep thoughts on that. A tough one for sure! bah ..