Monday, March 16, 2015

In case of a burnout..

 So.. we all get it from time to time.. but lately I've had a case of burnout and haven't been wanting to push painting and going into full burn. I know I'll be working on a ton of stuff since NOVA is coming up in a few months away. It jumps up on you so quick.. it seems like it's still a ways off but don't let that fool you. So I have been working on the Wraithblade a little as I'm having fun playing around with him. I have been blending here and there on him and have been doing a little light reflection on his legs and feet from the base and the weapons.
 You can see a little of the reflection here.. right now I still have the gloss clear on it do there are a lot of reflections on there. I have been playing with the blends with the brushes instead of just going full airbrush on them. I need to go back and line with the white on a lot of the areas, mainly on the weapons and leg reflections.
I have him standing on the base and will be adding another layer of lighter blue. I have the base colors in on him and the mid blends but need a little more. The blend on the front foot areas are a little light because I don't want the axe glow to overpower. He's pretty close to being done or at least getting to the final stage. I need to hit off the gems and a lot of final details.