Monday, December 2, 2013

Tis the Season..

This weekend was full of Holiday Cheer, and lots of work. If you are in the states I hope you had a good Turkey Day and are now ready for the next big Holiday. Saturday was filled with moving my parents and then had the night available so ended up playing some pen and paper roleplaying (Rifts). Haven't played in awhile but some of my friends were starting back up so I made up a character to jump in and out with when time was available to play..  Then Sunday was lighting day, I broke out all the Xmoose decorations and then started to light up the house. I'm happy with the look and the kids were loving it, my daughter is now at an age were she can really appreciate it. Sadly I didn't get any modeling in, though I did do some crafty stuff..  I went old school and pulled out some Make it Bake it ornaments. You are cool if you heard of them but awesome if you have made them before haha,..
Here they are baking in the oven. I made a ton of these with my Mom and Grandmother back in the day and was one thing I wanted my kids to experience as well. So I went to the trusted eBay and picked up some kits. All of them were ones I've made before but was still cool making some new ones.. I thought to myself.. these things are so cool, why did they stop making them. Well it might have something to do with the frames being lead and the crazy plastic smell you get when you make them haha..  oh well... I can accept the toxics as long as I get a cool ornament to hang on the tree! 8)

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