Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh Deimos!

Got started on appling the weathering powder to the Deimos. The powders were really sticking to the tank for some reason. Usually powders don't stick that well, I don't know if it was the resin or just ... was. I had been gluing before starting on the powders so I had my fan on which later caused me some issues. It appears it had kicked up some powder and was spraying specs here and there. I didn't notice it till it was too late. So after I cleared the tank I started to go over some of those areas with white. Still have work to do but it's coming along nicely. I haven't done anything with the guns yet but they should take too long. I also want to paint something on the top hatch but still haven't completely figured it out yet ..

I finished getting another Razorback together so now I have two built up and ready to spray. It's funny how quickly I can build one now. I can still remember back to building my first one and looking at the instructions. Now, it takes longer to de sprue and clean it then to build it. haha