Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now you see me, Now you don't ..

I started working on blending the Ranger into his background last night. So far he's looking pretty good. I painted most of the basics on him, colors, shapes and some shading. I still need to detail and outline some of the background features on him. I'll also be adding some weathering powder but I want to make sure all the painting is done before I finish it out with powders. I'm still on the fence with his guns, should I blend them or should I leave them be. I'm thinking adding some slight bleed through. The main parts that I want to show are his chest armor and helm, like he's peeking out of the background.

I also picked what pits I'm going with for Jain Zar (at least these are the ones right now haha). I chopped the head off a Banshee and removed the hand off the right hand for the Tris.