Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside..

I only got about 45 minutes of table time last night so I worked on the IG guys and blended some of the gold on the Stern. The HB Team is almost finished, I added a bit more “rust” to the gun and blended some of the leather a little more. The snow got a little love but it still needs some more as well as some mixed grass. Shouldn’t take too much longer and they’ll be all done up.

Only about 5 more minutes on home boy …

And it’s Merry Christmas to me! .. I have to wait until Christmas to get it but the wife picked me up the mega force, so I’ll be working on starting up the Dusk Wolves. It will be a long time coming though, I want each guy to be converted or at least serious thought put into their pose and equipment.

De-sprued the DC Box, bikes and added them to the bit box. But I’ll be starting on getting that DC squad built up and kitted out next week.