Friday, May 5, 2017

Form Up..

 Hey hey .. I got some more work done on the Storm Eagle getting it pretty close to being done. I've been sick and/or busy for the last month or so .. so I'm actually happy to get some progress done. Though .. now Nova is only 4 months away and I still have a bunch to get done haha..
 Last night I joined finished up the first layer of grime and soot. There are a few spots that need to be done and more added ... no weathering on the canopy yet as I just finished it yesterday and wanted the clear to completely dry.

 I think they are looking pretty cool together and it will be nice to have both of them knocked out as they were a large part of my army build. When painting the SE I wanted to keep it very similar to the FR but also have some slight differences.
 I ordered the Secret Weapon bases I'll be using for them and they should be here soon.
For the canopy I gave it the same look roughly.. I added a little more white on the reflection and changed the angle a bit.. I'm liking the look but I'm in debate on the harder white line .. though usually a reflective light is pretty harsh. So .. still thinking on if I need to mod it a bit ..

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