Thursday, September 8, 2016

NOVA 2016 Experience

Another NOVA has come and gone, another great year of catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. It was another busy one but it was super fun. The six entries I entered into the Capitol Palette and two of them made it to the finalist round. The Ork Flyer and surprisingly my Infinity chick on the bike. She had a rough lead up falling three times requiring repair each time. I called it and packed her up not finishing some of the leather the way I wanted. But I'm very happy, there were so many awesome models in there this year. The competition really stepped up this year. I wasn't expecting to win anything and after seeing the models in the case I knew that was true haha. But I was there to see awesome models and there were tons! I've already got some new ideas for next year... 8)

I took one of Roman's blending class on Thursday and it was a great class. He mainly blends with just the primary colors and went over some texture blending. I already picked up some heavy acrylics to give it a serious shot. It really is tough but when you are completely mixing your colors you can have small added colors that makes it look more realistic (IMO). I probably won't paint an army this way but for a display piece it will be a try.

Thursday night the 40K Narrative started and it was a great event with some old friends I knew and some new friends made. I brought the Revenant to the event as a couple of years ago when they were allow there were a few in attendance and I really was looking forward to having a Titan vs Titan battle. Sadly no one else brought one 8( .. I had some really good opponents and my favorite game was the team game. I like the team games during a narrative event as it really pushes the comradery. I got best painted army for the Narrative which was awesome and came in second for the Virtue. Was surprised... 
I'm also now a complete lightweight. Those night games are a killer haha.. Friday afternoon Sean and I went to get some food and man we chose poorly. That night Sean and I both had massive stomach issues, I won't go into details as that is TMI for sure. But thankfully the next afternoon after lots of water and light eating my stomach was better and got to play the night team game. 

The table I painted up for the Malifaux events went over awesome and I got a lot of compliments of the table. I'm glad everyone had fun playing on it!
In addition I watched some of the 30K events and it's really grabbing me. The tables were awesome and really set the mood. The painting level in the 30K is also up to an amazing level and the tables looked great. I was thinking about making some stuff up before but now I'm really looking at doing it. I already picked up the rules and have been reading them trying to figure out what legion I want to play 8) 

Was nice to meet and hang out with everyone at the event. Another awesome year. I posted up a bunch of pictures yesterday if you want to see all the images I took.

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