Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Take this!

Hey all..  i've gotten a little more work done on my Malifaux McCabe crew..  I haven't had much time as we are fulfilling our Kickstarter and that is me getting up every 20 to 30 mins to switch out boards and pack them up. That makes it tough to get into a painting groove. I picked up the McCabe crew from someone selling off their collection. Some of the models have some rough spots which I probably should have broke down and re glued or at least puttied some areas. But anyway.. I'm not going for show quality on these guys I just want them to look good on the table..
 I've never painted a horse and I think it came out looking pretty good. The eyes I think are a little too bright and could use a little tone down but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the look.
 He's a cool master to play as well..  throwing around upgrades is a cool idea and is different from the other masters and mixes up. It's a good bit to worry about at the start and I've only really had two games in a month with him so I'm still working on his play..  but he's fun.

 McCabe's base crew comes with Wastrels which are pretty cool and useful. I prefer these two and since I'm also running Guild hounds I only run two.
 The one Wastrels arm wasn't glued on right but I didn't build these guys ..  It bothers me a little but not so much that I'll be breaking it free haha 8)
 I also added the amazingly good Austringer to the crew since he's pretty much always good. He helps knock out the low wound models as well as giving people a little push and action to drop a marker.

 When I play I like to have one at least one tank and for the guild one of the best is the executor. McCabe can give him a push and an extra AP to walk making up for his normally slow speed.
 When I painted him I wanted him to look a bit nutty so I went with a Luchador style mask and gave him a few Tats..  I wanted them to look basic so when with old India Ink blue but I might switch to black. . I want them to look like bad prison tats but I'm still undecided haha

 Sean and I got a game in over the weekend.. me getting in some more practice on McCabe and he wanted some time with Leveticus.. Here are some pics of the game using our Wild West terrain from the Kickstarter.
 We ended up 9-9 by the end but was a bad luck game for me ..  my deck wasn't helping a brother out very much. I pulled 4 Black Jokers in the game.. 1 to keep the Executer alive. 1 on a positive flip for damage and two others on damage..  McCabe just ended up tanking Ashes .. he did kill some Abombs and Rusty at the end. Thankfully I used Luna and the dogs to drop all the markers I needed at least keeping me in the game. Some good learning was had though..

I really need to get on painting the buildings. I want to get a full board painted .. when I get some more time haha

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