Monday, February 8, 2016

Time Keeps on Slipping...

Hey all,.. been awhile..  every time I thought I'd be able to post something ,. something else jumped in and ate up that time. I've been pretty busy getting ready for our Black Maria Designs Kickstarter.
Black Maria Designs Kickstarter  <--- If you are interested
It went live last night and we are almost done with our prototyping. I only have one more building to finish and then I'll have some more time to paint and get my blogging on .. and reading on. I've been completely out of the loop. The Holiday season is a busy time for me, mix in some illness and slaving away in Illustrator getting these pieces knocked out I haven't had time to spare.

I created the Boom Town section of the kickstarter and wanted to have a full table worth to put out there. If you play Malifaux there is enough to fully stock a table and more. We haven't played a few test games using the terrain and I'm very happy with it's playability. We've also received a lot of praise from other players which is awesome. When making the buildings I wanted them to be both function and visibly pleasing. I like to hide as much of the joining areas as possible and used a double walled design to add detail and sturdiness. My buildings are solid and have some heft to them.

These buildings are modular and you can swap the tops or make them 1 story if you don't want the second level for a game. I also made up window sills, shutters and for I made up boarded up pieces that will be part of an upgrade pack.
Outhouse, horse hitch and water troughs. 

The Barn has working sliding doors on each side, the top is removable so you can get inside. I really wanted to add a lot of details to these pieces. Check out the Kickstarter for all of the pieces if interested.

We put the Kickstarter up last night and we've already made out first goal, we'll see how far it goes!

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get some models posted..  i'm trying to knock out a Molly Crew for a Tourney this weekend. I haven't played my lately and I've never played Molly but I'm just looking to get some games in and have some fun!...

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