Friday, October 9, 2015

DreadTober: Pumpkans

 Good Friday all..  I got a little more work done on ruined turret. I added the red and the numbers to the turret. It started out as 31, for Halloween and the whole Oct/Dread Tober. As I scratched it off the three kinda morphed into a 2 haha.. At some angles it's still a 3 8)
 There is still a gloss coat on it as I'm working on some of the sections. It needs some more rust and streaking plus a little mud spatter. After I have that wrapped up I'll matte it up.

 The Kan on his new home.. just chilling for now.
All my train landscape products got here so now I'm ready to finish up the base. I like to get the base finished up first so I'll hopefully get that knocked out. Looking forward to playing around these..  not sure if I'm using the corn stalks but they looked cool haha

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