Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just as the Falcon brought Anaris to Eldaneesh..

 Last night I actually had some energy and thankfully training is over ..  so I worked a little more on the Falcon. This meant some more masking ... haha..  but thankfully I've moved over into a Zen mode when doing it and it's not as bad now 8)
 I wanted to add a little energy in the ports on the side of the top shell.. right now it's just the purple but I'll be adding a little brighter color as well. DPM is awesome for blending it really takes a layer of clear if you want to add another color over it.
 I added some more metallic ness to the vents and engines.. I also taped up pilot Johnny..
 I also added some purple energy from some sections on the undercarriage and taped off the hatch and little bit on the lower front.
 The turret is going to be multiple steps so I've moved up one more haha.. though I'm going to brush on the bone and start figuring out the final color sections.. I'm going to add bone to the scanner thing, vanes and other small sections..
 Here is sits at the moment..  it's getting closer to final brush details. But I'm really looking at what I can add .. even the smallest details.. just to make it really stand out.
 Rear vents.. after the clear I'll be adding in some more white..
 Added a little purple in the from intakes ..
And on the bottom.. added fore mentioned energy spilling out .. I'll be adding more to them though .. Also added a little purple to the vents on the front sides.. just to make it have a little more to it ..

It's moving along well 8)