Monday, February 11, 2013

It's a Hard Knock Life..

Flynn stood on the ridge looking down on a burnt out refinery, so far the mission had been a skate. They never went this easy and that worried him. The Hard Knocks were sent into the worst situations, situations other men couldn’t handle. “Sarg!” Romearez whispered from cover “Goins and Black have finished with the cogitator download and are preparing to pull out.” Flynn toggled his headset on “Hard Knocks form up on Bravo nine seven one. Dust off in ten.” The rendezvous point was only a klick away and then another two klicks to the Skyshield for dust off. Ten minutes later they were assembled, this city had been bombarded for 66 straight days and there wasn’t much left. It was slow going through the rubble but within 30 minutes they’d be in the back of a Vendetta making for base. At least that’s what he thought, he was about to give the order to move out when Romearez came up to him. Keeping his voice low “Sir we have a ton of movement from all quadrants. The comms are going crazy with jumbled traffic, someone maybe attempting to jam us or in general.” Flynn nodded, it’s never easy. “And Sir, we picked up Alpha signals.” He finished off quietly “Do we have quadrants?” He disliked the Astartes, they seemed to think they were above the human race they were quartered to defend. Not to mention the ones that have turned from the Emperor’s light. He detested traitors and of those traitors the Alpha Legion was top on his list. They thought they were the elite of the elite, could best any enemy with trickery and guile. That would not happen here. “Quadrant Nomad One”. “Hard Knocks move out for the Skyshield via Nomad One; Bromm you have point, Merritt, slackman” he addressed them quietly but they could sense his agitation. “Extraction is the primary goal but if we can end a few traitors more glory to the Emperor!”

The Kill Teams went well, we had seven players and a couple are still new to playing so it was a good starter for them. I took about 5 lists with me so some other people could play. My friend Scott played the Hard Knock Stormtrooper list I brought and Lane played the DA I brought. He's starting a DA army and figured he'd want to play them. Sean found a Warboss but Matt won the Determination Award. He threw his cultists at the Warboss hoping for the bonus points. Sadly for him the Warboss tore his cultists limb from limb. John went after the Warboss taking him down in the final action of the game. It was Thunder Hammer vs Power Claw, the Ork and Marine took each other out to end the game. Thom's cultists put a serious hurting on Lurch's low rolling Grey Knights. Lane drove around blasting people apart trying to get his 15 kills for the mission. Sadly he came up a little short. It was a good showing by all but Scott took the win by putting up a large kill total and than putting Sean out of the game. Sean was his enemy, so he got a nice bonus. My favorite action of the game was Sean charging the Stormtroopers only to get Overwatched on one Hot Shot Pistol and then getting chopped up in CC. Sean had a rough round.

Scott - 29 Points ( IG Stroomtroopers)
John - 17 Points ( Space Wolves )
Lane - 12 Points ( Dark Angels )


"Here they come!" Bromm called back "Concentrate fire! Form up" Flynn walked up to stand right in the center of the line. Krak krak krak the hellguns snapping their greeting to the fast approaching blue green clad marines. The ground was being torn up all around them as bolter shells exploded past them, but they would not flinch. Flynn took hit after hit but his armour was holding up, his carapace and his faith in the Emperor. A marine rushed around a rusted fuel tank bolter barking, it was headed right for him. Flynn extended his hell gun and started advancing to meet the astartes. The marine had pulled out his chainsword and reared back for a horizontal sweep, but before the sword never came forward as Flynn's hellgun flashed again catching the marine in the eye burning a hole through it's head. Flynn sidestepped kicking out taking the dead marine in the knee causing it to crumple to the ground. He pulled up his pistol and put two into the back of it's head. Turned to his right he saw Goins take a marine down with a few well placed pistol shots. "Sarg!" Goins was point to his chest, Flynn looked down and noticed he had taken two shots to the chest. He was losing a lot of blood, Romearez came over with bandage and started to patch him up "Sir, the Skyshield is compromised". He knew he wasn't going to have much time left before he blacked out. "We are moving North, push through the traitors. Goins and Black you have to get that data back to base. Nothing else matters, take these dogs down! MOVE OUT"

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