Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm fitted for man or beast..

Last night I finished up the LasPlas turrent for the Razorback. It's pretty simply made.

1) Just chop the Las barrel off ( if you are going to magnetize it leave the brace attached to the bottom of the barrel.)
2) Cut the front of 2 Plasmaguns off right behing the hand grip.
3) Cut a square piece of Plasticard to mount them too ( this was for the fact I was going to magnetize it, and also helps you fit it to the Las base.
4) Glue it all together ( or add mags if you are going to)

I also added an aquila to the rear door.
And I've given this advice to all my friends .. never buy a rhino .. for a few dollars more just pick up the Razorback kit. You get both, And if you don't magnetize your weapons its always nice to have an extra turret. A pretty basic hint, but some people might not have paid it much attention. Especially if they haven't play a SM army yet.
And here are a couple of updated pics of the Termies. Still not finished but a little more color added.