Wednesday, November 8, 2023

NMM .. is... annoying


So I've been working on the Palatine Blades here and there as time permits..  It's been hectic with Halloween and other events going on but progress no matter how slow is progress haha....

That said NMM is truly annoying, it makes my brain hurt as I go through it and work on the reflections. As I work on them I kind of figured out I need to set them down and give them a few days of cooling off and then coming back to them.

I feel like my eyes reset and I see the existing flaws and can then start to make it look right. I've gone through them many times haha.. but at least it seems to be working. I think they look decent but no where near the level of some of the crazy stuff out there. That being said I don't think many go to those levels for an entire army. These guys are really going to take some time.. alot. this is 10 models and it's been awhile 8\ .. I have a lot more models to work on and yikes.. Whelp.. I'm in too deep to burn back now.

After the work on the greens during DreadTober I really played around with the glow for the Charnabal Sabres' and I'm pretty happy with the look. I left the Prefector's Sabre with the fire look as I liked that too but really wanted it green. Figured it looked ok so he stands out. But I feel the green really pops and I wanted it to have a choppy look and not a smooth glow blend. I'm still debating on adding OSL but right now I've been working on the NMM so I haven't had the juice to mess with that yet.

So.. they are coming along. I have some Praetors' I need to get one as well as a Recon Squad, another Contemptor and a Rhino. 

Friday, October 20, 2023

DreadTober - Power Up Sequence Complete


Whelp.. I'm calling it complete. I did some free hand on his left knee and his right shoulder. I'm pretty happy with the knee but the shoulder is a little wonky. The chipping on it made it look a little off to me. I've been going back and forth about it and whether I should redo it but I think I'm just going to let it sit for a little bit and come back to it and see how it sits with some time.

Him with all the different weapons attached.. I added a little more to the Volkite and while it looks ok I'm honestly still not loving it haha.. but I don't hate it so it will do.

Overall pretty happy with the way he came out and he'll mix in well with the rest of his RG crew. I'm going to have to reach out and try to get a game in soon 8).. 

It was nice taking part of DreadTober again this year and seeing all of the work getting knocked out. Awesome seeing all the different projects coming together. Talking to people about the projects and just looking at how different they all are. I'm going to be moving into full EC mode getting them painted up but if I'm going with the NMM it's going to take some time... I am going to start another EC Contemptor but I don't think I'll be getting him done by the end of DreadTober.

He wasn't done for DreadTober but I haven't put any full finished picture of the above guys brother so I figured I'd throw some on here. Dreads for Dread sake.

Friday, October 13, 2023

DreadTober - Power Fist


This week was pretty busy so didn't get to work much on the Dread. I did finish out the power fist and started the repaint of the Volcite to blue instead of the yellow/red. The Volcite is drying so I have the Melta on it for these pictures.

I'm still layering up the base rust so it's getting close to being done. It has a layer drying right now.

He's pretty close to being done.. I'm still figuring out the right shoulder and the left knee pad. Otherwise pretty happy with him.

The DragonForge bases came in so I have been working on those and the EC a bit ..