Thursday, October 1, 2015

DreadTober has begun.. get crack a lack'n

It's October and that means DreadTobber has begun...  We are up to 21 painters participating which is awesome. For a list of all of the participants visit the page Greg put up.. DreadTobber ..

I was waiting for today to get started but last night I did apply the texture to the base. It usually takes about 24 hours to fully setup and cure and I wanted to get started tonight. After work I'm going to stop by two hobby stores to hopefully pick up a few of the final things I'm going to need for the Dread. I think I have the scene pretty much built out in my head..

It's going to be a Killa Kan sitting on a destroyed LeMan Russ turret in a pumpkin field. He'll be trying to carve a Jack O Lantern out of a pumpkin with his massive buzzsaw. If I can find a Grot that will work I want to have it dressed up like a Kan .. like it's dressed for Halloween. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I don't plan to ever bring this to the table to play so it's going to be completely aesthetic.

I'm pretty excited about the turn out for DT and I'm really interested in seeing what people come up with. We have a lot of great artists in the mix so it will be awesome to see all the different styles people crank out. Be it a one off game piece or a more detailed diorama it's all going to be in here! If you are seeing this late you can join in at any time ..  DreadTober just ends with October .. Then it will be time to check out all the awesomeness that has been done.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my first real working DT update 8)...  GET TO WORK !!

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