Monday, September 28, 2015

Who doesn't love Dreads and October?!

 Last Friday I posted up about Dread Tober and looks like we got more participants which is very cool. John said we needed a Logo .. so this weekend I whipped up a quick drawling and then even more quickly colored it and cropped it into a logo/banner. There is a smaller image at the bottom if you want to post it up on your blog as being part of Dread Tober. Not a requirement ..Up to you 8)..

It starts October 1 and Ends the 31st.. then we can post up all of the finished pics and check it out..
 This is the original line drawling of the Dread.. I think it came out decent. ..
Smaller Image
Here is the updated list of participants.
Greg >FeedYourNerd
John S > 40K Hobby Blog
Mike S > MiniMayhem
Michael A >TheKiltedGermain
Xeno Inferno > DIY Hammer
Nils H >
Evan S > Facing The Grey Tide (You're in whether you like it or not! haha)

It sounds like there is going to be a pretty wide range of models and ideas. They can be expansive or they can just be a Kan .. That spread is what makes it cool. In general they will all be the same unit but there will be a ton of different looks,,  which is the point.

For mine, I'm going with Kan trying to carve a Pumpkin with his Buzzsaw.. I figured it would be a cool look and represent October and Halloween. Now I have to head to Michaels to find some small pumpkins haha..

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